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  • Bass, J.C.S. Seven-a-Side Rugby: Including Tactics Suitable for Mini-Rugby. London: Pelham, 1981. A good basic book on sevens; useful beyond the scope of the young rugby player to whose coaches it appears to be addressed.

  • Dintiman, George B. and Robert D. Ward. Sportspeed. Champaign, IL: Leisure Press, 1988. 170 pages all about how to improve your speed!

  • Gray, Steven W. Sevens Coaching Guidelines: United States of American Rugby Football Union. USARFU National Coaching and Selection Committee, 1984. Very brief (16 pages), but describes several good drills.

  • Melrose Rugby Football Club. Melrose Rugby Football Club 1877-1977. Hawick, Scotland: St. George's Printing Works, 1977. Several articles describing the history of sevens, the Melrose club, and the Melrose Sevens.

  • Melrose Rugby Football Club. 100th Playing of the Melrose Sevens: Souvenir Programme/Brochure. Galashiels, Scotland: McQueen Ltd., 1990. Lots of information about the prior 99 Melrose Sevens.

  • Melrose Rugby Football Club. The Sevens Centenary 9th April 1983: Souvenir Programme/Brochure. Galashiels, Scotland: McQueen Printers, 1983. The Centenary program; contains several articles that illustrate the Melrose Sevens experience as well as a brief history of sevens.

  • Radcliffe, James C. and Robert C. Farentinos. Plyometrics: explosive power training. Second edition. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publishers, 1985. An excellent introduction to plyometrics and its application.

  • Rugby. New York: The Rugby Press. Has provided excellent coverage of sevens since beginning publication in 1974. All Hong Kong Sevens from 1980 until the present have received excellent coverage, and all major American sevens events have been covered in detail.

  • "Sevens." In Touchdown: and Other Moves in the Game, ed. Geoffrey Nicholson. Twickenham, England: the Rugby Football Union, 1970. pp. 48-53. A brief article with several well-thought out comments about the game of sevens.

  • Signes, Emil. "A Series of Sevens Practices." In Strategic Rugby, IV, III (July 1986). A description of a series of six practices designed to prepare a team for a sevens tournament; supplanted by the practice suggestions in this book.

  • Signes, Emil. Several articles in Rugby, from 1986 to present. Most of the articles on sevens have been incorporated and updated in this publication.

  • Sinclair, Kevin. The Hong Kong Sevens: A Book to Celebrate Ten Glorious Years of Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Rugby Football Union, 1985. A wonderful chronicle of the first 10 years of the Hong Kong Sevens, this book captures the essence of the tournament as well as any publication can.

  • Smail, John, narrator. The Story of Border Rugby. Galashiels, Scotland: Morton Wards Associates (for Radio Borders), 1990. Two audio cassettes and an accompanying brochure produced by Radio Borders. A comprehensive audio history of rugby in the Scottish Borders. Contains several references to sevens and its importance.

  • Starmer-Smith, Nigel, ed. Rugby--A Way of Life: An Illustrated History of Rugby. London: Stanley Paul, 1986. Several references to sevens.

  • Stone, Michael H. and Harold S. O'Bryant. Weight Training: A Scientific Approach. Edina, MN: Burgess International Group, 1987. The book recommended by Ron Artingstall for rugby players interested in serious weight training.

  • United States Weightlifting Federation. United States Weightlifting Federation Coaching Manual. Volume 1. Available from the US Weightlifting Federation, 1750 E. Boulder St, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (303-578-4508). According to Ron Artingstall, the most comprehensive book available on weight training. It will probably, however, be too technical for most rugby players.

  • Williams, Mike. Rugby Sevens. London: Faber and Faber, 1975. The book that most profoundly influenced my sevens coaching. This remains a very valuable book, although it has been out of print for years.

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